Clear Summer Skin

The summer months are upon us bringing sunshine, flip-flops, cut off shorts, bikinis and beach vibes. But that is not all it brings with the sunshine. The extra oil production from the heat and dreaded in-grown hairs, bumps and redness from shaving and waxing.

Kypris clear skin
There are 30 active natural ingredients in this blue, bottled beauty to help balance oil over-production, challenge blemishes, support the innate healing abilities of your skin, diminish evidence of previous blemishes, reduce redness after waxing, shaving or threading and soothe irritations. Bring on the summertime!

Sweet talk your fussy, blemished complexion into balance with Kypris Clearing Serum. This potent serum enlists help from mineral friend, zinc, fruit-derived AHAs, supportive Centella asiatica, soothing lilac leaf stem cells, inflammation tamers, green tea, lavender and chaparral, and an array of sustainably procured, nutrient-rich botanicals, like quinoa and sunflower.

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