Adaptogens On The Go

Adaptogens are duel directional herbs and mushrooms that support the body's natural defenses against physical, environmental and emotional stress, helping to create balance and wellbeing throughout the body. Rather than serving a single targeted purpose, an adaptogen will adapt its balancing properties to whatever the body specifically needs at a given time in order to restore it to peak functionality.

Adaptogens on the go with Grown Morning Adaptogen Energising

Like a chameleon out in the wild, adapting and changing to fit its surroundings. I incorporate adaptogens and mushrooms daily in my morning and evening rituals. The act of adding my powders to my special potions with my little copper spoon brings me such joy, whether it is an energizing latte or a calming warm nut milk potion. But this boss babe doesn't always have time for special rituals. Life happens! I am running to the shop, traveling, rushing out the door to make car line, headed to a meeting or the gym. Just like most of us. During these busy times is when I need my adaptogens the most to keep me energized, focused, balanced and calm.

One of my favorite tonics for adaptogens on the go is Grown. Grown is designed for real life and doesn't require a great change in behavior or a commitment of time. The Energising, Balancing or Calming tonics can be easily added to coffee, juice, water, tea or smoothies. They can also be taken by adding a dropper full directly under your tongue. Perfect for on the go. Grown produces potent, adaptogenic formulas with therapeutic benefits.

  • The Morning Adaptogen Tonic is a balancing invigorating formulation to help increase energy levels while reducing fatigue without the need for stimulants.
  • The Mushroom Tonic is designed to help strengthen and support the body's natural defenses.
  • The Evening Adaptogen Tonic helps promote a sense of peace, combating the effects of stress, tension and irritability with out the need for sedatives. One of my favorites!

You are just a dropper full away from living a more balanced lifestyle. 

Get up and Glow,



  • Glow Apothecary

    We do carry Grown. We sell in the shop and are adding these adaptogens to the website very soon. If you would like to order please contact the shop @

  • Sara Brown

    Do you still carry this product? I didn’t see it online, though I may be looking in the wrong area.

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