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Hello, Mellow, We’ve been looking for you! Introducing our scientifically crafted, botanically-infused chill pills. Designed to be taken up to three times daily, Hello Mellow has you covered no matter what life (or your two year old) throws at you.


30 capsules, each containing 15MG of Broad Spectrum Hemp and 385MG of our signature, proprietary herbal blend consisting of HolyBasil, Skullcap and Lemon Balm. This product contains 0.00% THC.


SUGGESTED USE CBD for stress? Yes! While many customers notice the positive effects of our best-selling CBD capsules right away, CBD works best if taken daily. Our Hello Mellow capsules are a great way to take the edge off of stress and anxiety after a long day or before say, dinner with your mother-in-law.

If you are new to CBD, start with one capsule per day. We find it is most effective if taken in the morning on an empty stomach. If needed, work your way up gradually over the next few weeks. Most people find 1 in the morning to be sufficient, and another in the afternoon for very stressful days.
Good Jane specially crafted our Hello Mellow Capsules to foster a sense of calm and relaxation while neutralizing stress. While 15mg of high-quality Broad Spectrum Hemp is the star ingredient, it has a powerful backing team of natural curatives. Our proprietary herbal blend fuses the effects of four potent natural cures that people have trusted for millennia.

Broad Spectrum Hemp

It is widely believed that, when considering plant medicine, a whole plant extract is preferred to an isolate. Good Jane's broad spectrum hemp contains all of the major and minor cannabinoids of the hemp plant from which it was extracted, with one exception. After the extraction process, THC is removed, leaving the rest of the extract completely intact. THC is often associated with an increase in anxiety, and also shows up, even in trace amounts, on most drug tests. Being fully cognizant of who our customers are, where they work, and how they intended to use our products, while also considering efficacy, we made the decision to use broad spectrum hemp extracts in all of our Good Jane products, and we've never looked back. Cannabidiol-rich hemp like that used in Good Jane's products, has a holistic, stress-relieving effect that improves your mental state via several mechanisms in several ways. For instance, studies have shown that CBD mitigates the feeling of stress itself. However, iIt also helps with long-term stress reduction by indirect means such as improving sleep.


Skullcap was often used in North American folk medicine as a nerve tonic and consumed in the form of tea. Today it is one of many plants that people around the world use to balance their mood and decrease anxiety. More specifically, cultures prized it as a light sedative that could reduce feelings of anxiety and stress. Traditional medical wisdom is often right, and studies have shown the positive impacts of Skullcap on mood and reduction of anxiety. Skullcap works by increasing GABA neurotransmitter activity, which is the same way that many anti-anxiety medications treat the condition. However, skullcap provides this effect without any of the unwanted side effects that often come with using prescription drugs for anxiety.

Holy Basil

Holy Basil has a deep, honored history in the medicinal cultures of the Indian subcontinent, where the locals know it as Tulsi. They use it for tea, among other culinary applications, and revere it for a variety of health benefits. While scientific studies on the benefits of Tulsi are not yet highly developed, existing studies largely vindicate its reputation. In particular, there's evidence that it can reduce stress and inflammation.

Lemon Balm

Often considered the "happy herb", people have used lemon balm as a health supplement for at least 2,000 years. In that time, it's gained a reputation for treating stress, improving memory, and generally producing better brain function. According to a study where one group took a drink with lemon balm while the other drank a fruit juice placebo, many of the purported benefits of lemon balm are well deserved. The group that took lemon balm demonstrated improved cognitive function as well as better mood. Testing Matters!


Transparency is at the forefront of our brand philosophy. We want you to know exactly what is going in and on your body! We strive to use only the cleanest ingredients, and always have our products third party tested.


 Good Jane capsules are packaged in 100% recyclable glass jars and cardboard boxes! No need to remove the label from the jar (the recycling process includes a heating process that melts any labels and excess glue). Once empty, simply remove the plastic cap (and white liner) and toss your empty jar and cardboard box in the recycling or take it to the dump! Don't have curb-side pick up? Car not made for dump runs? No worries, bring your empty Good Jane containers to a local recycling station at places like Whole Foods or Target on your next trip (we know you have one planned!). Or find a TERRACYCLE location near you! They offer a variety of programs through which you can recycle nearly every type of waste!


 Broad Spectrum Hemp, HolyBasil, Skullcap , Lemon Balm

Hello Mellow Capsules
Hello Mellow Capsules
Hello Mellow Capsules
Hello Mellow Capsules
Hello Mellow Capsules
Hello Mellow Capsules
Hello Mellow Capsules
Hello Mellow Capsules